Motorized Zebra Blinds

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Zebra / Faccette  Blinds


Also Known as Faccette Blind, is a breakthrough in style, efficiency, and function Zebra shades gently filter the sun, combining the light control of a horizontal blind. It is environmental- friendly blinds. It is made with a special weave method, using a piece of Dacron among which is added pieces of gauze. Its color will not fade if using long time. Its illumination fastness is 5 grades. We use some special techniques so that its thread won’t break up. We take in some exquisite technique into this kind of blinds, making its surface very smooth and glossy; also its bright color and clear stripe can show you its value. Its materials are not easy to dirty, and can be cleaned by water and also can be ironing.


1). Material: Polyester and voile / linen and voile

2). Fabric width: 220cm / 300cm

3).The two kinds of material are stickled by special heat
adhesive, which is to avoid the weft deviation problem.

4). Integrate the advantages of sheer curtain, roller blinds,
and venetian blinds.

5). High quality sheer/solid polyester fabric, metal roller
barrel, universal brackets, cassette system, screws and
wall plugs.

6). UV protection. When the blinds closed, the uv-
protection >95%, when the blinds open, the uv-
protection >60%.

7). Suitable for living room, dining room and public

8). Available in different Colors

9). Blinds Can be Motorized too

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