Chain Operated Roman Blinds

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Roman Blinds

Cordlock and pulley system mounted on lacquered headrail.

‘No-Sew’ aluminum battens with self-aligning cords.

The operating hardware has been cycle tested to ensure long term performance.


Energy Benefits
Window treatments that are tight fitting to the window and made from closely woven fabrics provide one of the most effective ways to prevent heat transmittance through windows.

Available in Different Fabric Options
Sheer Fabric / Sunscreen Fabric / Block out Fabric / Bamboo Chick / Printed Fabric / Projector Screens /

‘No-sew’ Design
The method of manufacture ensures that panels are always parallel and there are no pin holes of light visible in block out fabrics. Aluminum battens are color co-ordinate with the rear face of the fabric.

Fade-protected Design
The folding panel arrangement of Roman Blinds ensures that the front face of the fabric is protected from harmful UV rays, even when the blind is raised. Each extrusion hangs slightly lower than the previous one to minimize the stack depth when the shade is raised. Stack depth is 280mm

Mechanism operated/chain operated, market standard string operated-(No chance of blind slip) Automatic stop/self stop vs blind must be tied physically

This roman shade equips unique inaccessible features that increased safety for children and pets. This roman shade features an unsurpassed palette of fashionable colors, patterns and textures designed to coordinate easily with your home’s decor.


light filtering
dark out liner

Ideal For

Living room

Key Benefits

Aluminum rods and no more corrosion to fabric due to steel pipe
Self locking system at any level and no need to tie the cord
Totally dismantle for easy washing and ironing
Large range of fabrics from sheer to room darkening
variety of casual and formal fabrics for decorating versatality
no visible cord or  holes
Available in larger widths


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